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Napa, CA

(707) 319-5028



Our Wines

We are a Napa Valley winery producing small lot premium wines with a strong focus on red blends. Our wines are smooth in character and complex in expression. Each year we produce something a little different and a little special. Below is a brief description of the wines we've made over the years. Password is the one wine we make each and every year. To see the wines we currently are producing and are available, please contact us. 


Four voices finding a place of rich harmony – Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Syrah; this is a decidedly dark red wine with a purple edge. It’s a sturdy wine, in its youth already full of vibrant red and black fruits, tobacco and spice - Cabernet, with its firm tannins showing through flashes of inspired future fleshiness; Merlot and Malbec adding finesse and Syrah, providing a warm middle. I was thinking “blue cheese”, but ultimately uttered “salumi”, at which point the wine responded with an especially rich and peppery retort. The rustic flavors of the cured meat dialed up a bit more heat on the palate, a sort of heady vitality that played well to this man’s enthusiastic choir


From first sniff to final swallow, there is no doubt that this is “the Big Club”. From its nearly black color and inky, purple edge, to the dense and complex layers of ripe blackberry, blackcurrant and toasty oak aromas that broaden its aromatic appeal, this is a wine worth of that next tasty step. I decided to stay big, but elegant with a few slices of extraordinary jamon iberico de bellota. Rich, fleshy and chewy on the palate, this most desirable of cured hams takes the Big Club in hand, providing a most velvety textural experience, while still allowing the wine to show off its many flavorful dimensions. A bit later, dizzied by the depth of my pleasure, I could only wonder at what is missed when we choose not to venture forward.


This delicate, yet robust red wine is a 50/50 blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc from a single hillside vineyard in Oakville California. This wine has a wonderful nose of mixed berries and is incredibly smooth with a wonderful lasting finish. Perfect with or without food. Pairing with blue cheese is a must!

  • Oakville
  • 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Cabernet Franc
  • Hand numbered